@jgarber just got his new Lazy Eye! You can still get them at the introductory price ($85) in my bigcartel shop! #chuckpedals

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Here’s a preview of the new zine I’ll be selling at SPX!

Common Curses & Blessings is a 2-in-1 mini-zine about the most mundane and insignificant things the universe throws at you. They probably shouldn’t even have an impact on your day, but they totally do.

Read it facing one way, and you’ll read about the curses. Flip it over and read about the blessings. You’ll just have to come to SPX and see how it works!

2-color risograph printed, 4.25” x 5.5”. 16 pages, 8 curses, 8 blessings. Come to table A12 and check it out!

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Edvard Munch - Melancholy II. 1898

and the Infinite Sadness

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Kafka on the Shore play going international in 2015

The stage adaption for Kafka on the Shore we have posted about many times before has new dates coming up for 2015, going international. After being shown in Chicago, Tokyo, Osaka and Seoul between 2008 and just a few months ago, the next stops will be London, New York, Australia, Singapore, France and China.

The new cast is currently being auditioned, confirmed members are Rie Miyazawa and Naohito Fujiki. The director will once again be Yukio Ninagawa.



The Mata Mata Turtle

Found mostly in South America. Its shell resembles bark, and its head resembles fallen leaves, making it an expernt at camouflage. It is also an expert at looking like my nightmares.

That’s not a turtle, it is an elder dragon. Respect it or all will suffer.

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